3 Piece Suiting

Fashion Factory is a leading clothing brand with years of experience delivering the finest quality dresses in Australia. Our attires are embellished with traditional Pakistani designs and patterns. We offer a range of clothing collections, including 3-piece suits.

Our 3-piece suits are a perfect blend of traditional and modern designs. They are a perfect choice to wear at a wedding or party as well as in the daily routine. Moreover, we offer a range of fabrics that are suitable to style every season. 

Our 3-Piece Suit Collection

We have been in the market for years to provide eye-catching and comfortable classic Pakistani dresses. 3-piece suitings are highly demanded as they reflect the real beauty of traditional Pakistani wear. 

At Fashion Factory, we believe that every woman should get what they desire. Keeping this in mind, our 3-piece dresses come in a wide range of fabrics.  

  • Silk

Silk is considered a perfect choice to style on weddings and other special occasions. This luxurious and elegant fabric has a very rich texture that is perfect for making a statement. 

Our 3-piece silk outfits come in a variety of colours and designs. Whether you wear fully embroidered silk suits or simple plain ones, they both add a touch of sophistication and glamour. 

  • Chiffon

Chiffon is another preferable choice in terms of 3-piece outfits. Their versatile designs and textures make them ideal for weddings and family get-togethers. 

Our chiffon Salwar Kameez and Dupatta blend Eastern and Western patterns that look fabulous at every event. Also, these dresses are extremely lightweight and breathable, making them a valuable option to wear in summer. 

  • Lawn

We also offer lawn suits that are a comfortable option for hot weather. These dresses are made of ethereal quality and the finest materials that ensure their colour and textures don’t fade. 

  • Velvet

Velvet is another luxurious and rich fabric with a plush texture and regal appearance. They look beautiful in all colours and designs. You can style our 3-piece velvet dresses on multiple occasions, from parties to weddings. Due to being thick and warm fabric, velvet suits are mainly worn in winter.

Other than these fabrics, Fashion Factory offers cotton, organza and khadar Shalwar kameez and Dupattas. All of our dresses are sourced from well-known Pakistani brands and fabricated with top-notch materials. 

Unstitched 3-Piece Suits 

If you are someone who prefers wearing customised dresses, then we will suggest you have a look at our unstitched collection. These dresses are available in a range of colour schemes and prints, making them suitable for every woman. 

Ready-to-wear 3-Piece Suits 

In a hurry? Go for our ready-to-wear attires available in four different sizes; large, medium, small, and extra large. Check our ready-to-wear collection and get your perfect fit without worrying about its stitching.  

Choose Fashion Factory

Fashion Factory is a well-known clothing outlet that aims to provide superior quality 3-piece outfits. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a simple printed dress for a daily basis or a fancy embellished dress to style for a wedding. Fashion Factory has your back.